Parcels will be returned to sender for the following reasons:

(1.) If you require a Signature upon delivery and were not home to receive this parcel a notice card will be left at the address specified; you are to pick up this parcel at the specified location within 15 business days. If you have not retrieved the parcel in that time it will be returned to us.

(2.) The address associated to your parcel was incorrect or invalid. Shipments are made directly from the shipping address associated with your account, please ensure your shipping address is indeed correct.

We can wait for the arrival of the return at the warehouse, once we have received the parcel we require a shipping fee of $15.00 to be sent through to us then we can re-ship the order out right away.

Please send the complete address you are needing this parcel shipped to so we can confirm the return was not due to an address error.

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