Due to the nature of online purchases, online companies and retailers tend to experience a higher frequency of fraudulent charges. As a result of this unfortunate circumstance, our payment processor may flag your purchase for additional review. Should you find yourself flagged for review, have no fear! Simply provide our Experience Concierges with two pieces of ID and address verification including, but not limited to, the following:

  1. Piece of mail with your name,address, and recent date (printed, not written)
  2. Utility statement showing your name, shipping and/or billing address, and recent date
  3. Credit card statement that matches the credit card used with your name, shipping and/or billing address, and recent date (we recommend that you cover/blur other information)
  4. Copies of government issued ID

If you possess an official or authorized document that is not on the list, great! Bring it up with our Experience Concierges for review and you’ll be well on your way. Our intent with this additional check is to protect our customers and the general public from potential fraud and/or unintended purchases. Together, we can ensure everyone has a safe online shopping experience.

Alternatively, you may opt to move forward with an e-transfer. Choosing to do so would require no additional steps – simply return to the check-out screen and select the e-transfer option to continue with your purchase and experience more of the moments that matter. It’s that easy!

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